PT Showa Kosan Indonesia

Business Segmentation

Industrial Solutions

Segmentation based on related products for industrial until general needs. In order to make us more effectiveness in meeting your needs become more fastest.

1. Chemicals
The Chemical segment that we supply consists of high to low grade needs.
We serve you product from Qualified, trusted and competent Maker,
Our customers mainly come from various industrial products.
we also experienced in providing sanitary, body care, medicals support instruments, textile, home appliance, automotive chemicals and so on.

2. Materials
The Material segment consists of materials to be applied to various industrial needs. We are experienced in providing materials for electronics, automotives and any industrial product, now also we are ready to accept other industrial challenges in order to meet industrial growth that is ready to face the era of high technology in the future

3. Industrial Solutions
The Industrial Solutions segment consists of the additives for industrial applications, such as fuel and lubricant solutions, polymer dispersions, pigments, resins, electronic materials, antioxidants, light stabilizers and so on. We aim to drive organic growth in key industries such as automotive, plastics, electronics.